Metrology Bureau – LATMB


Metrology Bureau (LATMB) is the national metrology institution of Latvia, with the aim of ensuring and developing measurement reliability and traceability within the country.

According to the Cabinet of Ministers' regulations No. 689 of December 8, 2015, starting from January 1, 2016, the functions and tasks of the National Metrology Institution are carried out by the structural unit "Metrology Bureau" of the State Joint-Stock Company "Latvian National Metrology Centre." The Metrology Bureau operates under the functional subordination of the Ministry of Economics.

Functions of LATMB:

  • Maintain the base of physical quantity measurement unit standards and reproduce measurement units (traceability schemes).
  • Approve types of measuring instruments and register them in the State Register of Measuring Instruments.
  • Perform procedures for assessing the conformity of measuring instruments subject to state metrological control.
  • Provide calibration services.
  • Collaborate with metrology organizations of other countries.
  • Engage in the work of international metrology organizations.
  • Organize inter-laboratory comparisons and participate in them.